Friday, 7 October 2016

This years CARDFIGHT VANGUARD Tournament

As last year we will be holding a Cardfight Vanguard tournament at CONQUEST in October. The event will be held in the evening on Saturday meaning that players will have the rest of the day to enjoy all that CONQUEST has to offer.

As you know it will cost £5 to enter the event (£2 for under 16's) and this year just an extra £2 for  the tournament. Please note you must buy both and entry and a tournament ticket. You will get a chance to win some boosters from the newest Cardfight Vanguard.

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The tournament will start at 5pm and will be held in one of the gaming rooms (details, including site plan coming soon). The format will be CLAN FIGHT and will be the best of one game with a 20 minute per round time limit. The number of rounds will depend on the amount of players.

At the end of the event players will be award prize boosters based on their final standings. Every player will get at least one booster and a promo card. The exact prize pool will depend on the number of players and will be confirmed in the coming weeks but will be at least 30 boosters in total. 

Initially the maximum amount of players for this event has been set to 16. So if you want to play then you will need to pre-order your tickets soon. (Once it goes higher than this we will need to review the space at the venue)

Tickets for both events are on the website now...

Eventbrite - Conquest 3

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